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Who said that having your
very own deluxe and amazing
graphics had to be difficult ?

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Top Benefits of Using SMART Graphic Designer

SMART Graphic Designer is better than other graphic designer software because...



It's easy to use, and you don't need any specialized design skill or knowledge. There is no technology to learn, no code, no form filling, just quick and easy tools that work intuitively. This is a complete DIY Graphic Designer Tool.

Not Just Header...

With SMART Graphic Designer you can create almost any type of website graphics; such as Headlines, Banners, Buttons, Headers, Labels, etc for your website with rich colors, gradients, shadows and reflections. For PRO members, E-cover Creator is available as well as Embed code (HTML code).

Create Unique Graphics

Other Graphic Software/Programs using templates without much options to produce unique designs. SMART Graphic Designer lets you create your own graphics, thus all graphics created are completely unique, making those cookie-cutter, generic graphics a thing of the past!

No Software To Install

No complicated software to download–“Smart Graphic Designer” is web-based, which means that you only need an internet connection in order to use this mind-blowing software, thus avoiding the hassle of downloading gigabytes of software.

Full COntrol

With SMART Graphic Designer, you can use our built-in templates OR create your design from scratch. Your Choice!

Saves Money

There's no need to buy expensive software like Photoshop. You can also save a lot of cash from now on! With “Smart Graphic Designer” you don’t have to rely on another graphic designer as you will have control of your own graphic creations!

Let Your Creative Side Flow

Create your own custom design with your own taste, ideas and inspirations .... you'll see that your creativity will reach new levels!

Free Updates

SMART Graphic Designer will be updated regularly, based on suggestions from our users and any new features we think that can be added to the software. You will get the updates/upgrades for free.

Lifetime Free Support

Our support team can be reached directly by going to our Help Desk. If you have a question please don't be afraid to ask.

Here's just some of the powerful features..


User Friendly Interface

With a clean and simple interface it helps you to gain maximum from your tool and create design quickly and easily.

Instant Preview

Enable to instant preview for almost all operations. WYSWYG & intuitive interface make you get a better graphic design experience.

Layering is available With "Smart Graphic Designer"

As with the professional graphics tools (such as Photoshop) you can place elements in front of or behind any other element, giving free rein to your creativity!

Quick and easy graphic/ template selection from category listings

We have hundreds of professional designed templates in several different categories.

Change background look and feel

You can change background color, add transparency to the color, add gradient effects (2 styles to choose from).

Color & Effect customization for images/texts

Effects like opacity, crop, curved text, shadow, bevel, glow, reflection & hollow can be accessed by one click

Rotate and flip text and images

Additionally, there are a lot more exciting and creative functions!

Auto-resize graphics

Control the size to fit your specific needs. You can also add shapes, change background colors, change font atributes, draw lines and more!

Save your design

As jpg, gif, png or bmp or you can save your design as project file & redesign it in the future.


With SMART Graphic Designer you can add as much or
as little detail to the design as you want!

Explore the possibilities!