With SMART Graphic Designer you can create almost any type of website graphics;
such as Headlines, Banners, Buttons, Headers, Labels, etc
for your website with rich colors, gradients, shadows, reflections and so much more.
For PRO members, E-cover Creator is available as well as Embed code (HTML code).


The all-in-one packed feature-set:

  • Create graphics from scratch or use the built in templates
  • Quick and easy graphic/template selection from category listings
  • Auto-resize graphics to fit your specific needs
  • Layering - move items in front of & behind other items
  • Change background color of main screen
  • Select a transparent background color
  • Add gradient effects to the background color
  • Add special text effects: outline, glow, bevel. drop shadow
  • Add Curved Text
  • Opacity, Crop Images Function
  • Control the size, spacing, opacity to the text
  • Flip Function for the text and images
  • Add reflection to the images
  • Add/Change Rotation to the text and images
  • Add and edit text elements
  • Save your design as project file & reopen it in the future
  • Save your design as jpg, gif, png or bmp
  • Save your Embed Code (HTML Code) - only for Pro Membership
  • Access to Ecover Software - only for Pro Membership
  • Video tutorial